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Title: More Like a Shot in the Dark
Creator: [personal profile] snow
Universe: British Politics RPF
Type of work: Fanfiction, ~1000 words
Contains: Discussion but no graphic depiction of zombies and death. Politics.
Summary and/or notes: Peter Mandelson didn't ask to be given control of the country when the zombie apocalypse (not that he'd use either of those words) happened, but that doesn't mean he's not doing the best job he can.
Disclaimer: Though some of the events described in this story are based on actual people, this account is entirely fictional. This is a non-profit, non-commercial work of fiction using the names and likenesses of real individuals. By no means does is this story intended to imply that the events depicted actually occurred, or that the attitudes or behaviors described are engaged in or condoned by the real persons whose names are used without permission.

'Even if we had a written constitution, it would not cover the current situation,' Lord Mandelson, emergency interim leader of the United Kingdom, said. )
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Title: Pretend we're in Antarctica
Creator: [personal profile] gloss
Universe: DC Comics - Batman
Type of work: Fanfic
Contains: Some strong language; no sexual, romantic, or violent content.
Summary: "Maybe I'll never die I'll just keep growing younger with you/And you'll grow younger too". Kon and Bart are looking for Tim. Jason doesn't really care.
Notes: Set in some hazy recent history, post-resurrection(s) and bat-death. Title & summary from Of Montreal.

Link: Jason knows he's the reject Robin.
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Title: Area of Expertise
Creator: [personal profile] dagas_isa
Universe: Liar Game (manga)
Type of work: Fanfiction, ~900 words.
Contains: Guns, barely described violence, zombies
Summary and/or notes:
Fukunaga has been training for this possibility for years, she's just never expected the zombie apocalypse to show up here of all places.

Link goes to my journal.
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Title: Concertina
Creator: [personal profile] kisahawklin
Universe: Criminal Minds
Type of work: Fanfiction
Contains: Classical music, sexual identity confusion, coming out conversation
Summary and/or notes: Gideon and Reid go to a concert and have pie.

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Title: Mother-Daughter
Creator: [personal profile] bluflamingo
Universe: The West Wing
Type of work: Fic, 2644 words
Contains: Mention of divorce; post-series
Summary and/or notes: Ellie hasn't been back to New Hampshire in years – not since before Laura was born – but when she walks out of the lawyer's office, Laura's hand in hers, there's nowhere else she wants to be

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Title: All-nighter
Creator: [personal profile] lady_ganesh
Universe: Gensomaden Saiyuki
Type of work: 200+-word ficlet
Contains: Minor theft and science
Summary and/or notes: How Ken'yuu got his first Ph.D.

All-nighter )
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Title: Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi
Creator: [personal profile] viklikesfic
Universe: Figure Skating RPF
Type of work: 209-word ficlet
Contains: Consumption of alcohol, naughty language, and silliness
Summary: One night in Vancouver after the men's figure skating competition, Johnny Weir and Stéphane Lambiel stay up late and have their own celebration, no medal winners allowed.

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Title: Staying Up Late (I know, I know! I'm uninspired, OK?)
Creator: El Staplador
Universe: Dorothy L Sayers' Wimseyverse
Type of work: fic, a little under 500 words
Contains: memories, mostly. Reference to terminal illness. Oblique references to fox-hunting and poaching.
Notes: Agatha Dawson is the first victim in Unnatural Death. This contains no spoilers for the mystery, though does reference background information that we find out about half way through the book.

Clara was one to be up with the lark, out with the hounds at daybreak, and, though Agatha followed her, blinking and yawning, over hedge and gate, ford and field, she always preferred staying up late.
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This is just a weird little concept that came to me while I was trying to come up with a little something for this challenge before it closed. Iron Chef RPF, but an AU where the Chairman really is the Chairman (and not Mark Dacascos in disguise) and Kitchen Stadium really does move around like Alton says it does.

Cat Cora POV on a road trip to the next battle.

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Title: Fish for the Blues
Creator: [personal profile] quinara
Universe: Final Fantasy IX
Type of work: 1600 word fanfic
Contains: A minor identity crisis.
Summary: Quina shares more of xyr knowledge after xyr adventuring-apprentice, Bobby Corwen, has a strange experience.
Notes: Set not that long after Stroper Stew. I blame [personal profile] angelikitten.

Fish for the Blues. )
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Title: Finding Flavour
Author: [personal profile] angelikitten
Fandom: Final Fantasy IX
Cast: Quina
Rating: G
Summary: Quina sets off on an adventure of xyr own
Notes: Written for the [community profile] queerlygen Road Trip Challenge, even if it's not quite a road trip. Set after my fic Green Skinned Feast and is completely [personal profile] quinara's fault.

Finding Flavour
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Title: Stroper Stew
Creator: [personal profile] quinara
Universe: Final Fantasy IX
Type of work: 1300 word fanfic
Contains: What might be referred to as 'fantasy violence'.
Summary: A Qu and xyr chocobo take on the world, one meal at a time.
Notes: [personal profile] angelikitten's fic left me completely in the mood for some more FFIX Quina!fic, so for the roadtrip challenge here xe is with Bobby Corwen, the cute little baby chocobo from the Black Mage Village. I'm using the sex-neutral pronouns [personal profile] angelikitten used in xyr fic, because I have no preference of my own.

Stroper Stew. )
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Title: Green Skinned Feast
Author: [personal profile] angelikitten
Fandom: Final Fantasy IX
Cast: Quina, Zidane, Garnet
Rating: G
Summary: There's no such thing as a feast that goes off without a hitch.
Notes: Written for [personal profile] quinara's prompt at [community profile] queerlygen - "There is something extra-special/different about the feast Garnet and Zidane are giving, but only Quina knows why". In the English translation, Quina is referred to as "s/he"/him (other language translations vary), but here I use the pronouns xe/xyr, because that always annoyed me.

Green Skinned Feast


Feb. 7th, 2010 01:45 am
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Title: Scars
Creator: [personal profile] torachan
Universe: One Piece
Type of work: Fanfic (drabble)
Contains: 100% pure gen featuring Roronoa Zoro and Nico Robin
Summary: Zoro has enough other scars that those scars aren't even noticeable anymore.

Read it here.
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Title: Loose End
Author: ciaan
Fandom: Inspector Alan Grant series - Josephine Tey
Spoilers: yes for The Singing Sands
Category: gen
Rating: general audiences
Disclaimer: The books belong to Josephine Tey's estate.
Summary: Alan Grant stood in the cemetery, satisfied now that the last loose end in the Bill Kenrick affair had been tied up. 188 words.

Loose End
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Linking to a fic I originally posted a while ago.

Title: The Luthor Horsie
Creator: ciaan
Universe: the Luthorverse (a Smallville AU)
Type of work: fiction
Contains: swearing, drug use, angst, sexual discussion, scientific violence, and bad parenting
Summary: Lex tries to save his little brothers from his father. 22,570 words.
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Title: One Last Favour
Creator: [personal profile] ilthit
Universe: Monstrous Regiment (a Discworld novel)
Type of work: Fanfic
Contains: Character death, characters talking about violence and cannibalism, jingoism, military characters, OCs, one background non-canon shippy pairing.
Summary and/or notes: Polly rides out to see her old sarge one more time.

The farm wasn't exactly as Polly had imagined... )
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Title: Happy Dumbledore
Creator: [personal profile] ilthit
Universe: Harry Potter
Type of work: Art (hand-drawn inks & computer color)
Contains: Dumbledore, rainbow, skipping.
Summary and/or notes: I always liked Dumbledore best when he was happy and acting a little silly. He had to spend a huge chunk of the story being sad, poor man. So, when Rowling outed him, this was my response.

click for pics )
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Title: Love Is Where You Find It & Another Kind of Love character portraits
Creator: [personal profile] ilthit
Universe: Love Is Where You Find It & Another Kind of Love, two novels from the 1960s by Paula Christian
Type of work: Art (hand-drawn inks)
Contains: Simple b/w character portraits, 60s fashion.
Summary and/or notes: I often get the urge to draw the characters after I finish a novel, so these are just portraits of my mental images of the characters - Rita, Dee, Karen and Martie from Love Is Where You Find It and Ginny, Laura and Madeline from Another Kind of Love. I'm not saying anything about the quality of those novels, except that despite the 60s shame factor I found them interesting enough to keep reading more.

click for pics )


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