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Title: Still Pink (Shout It From The Rooftops)
Creator: [ profile] theleaveswant
Universe: The Losers
Type of work: fic
Contains: scantily clad-ness and threatened violence
Summary and/or notes: Jensen celebrates the repeal of DADT. Sequel to Pink. Written for the "military" challenge here at Queerly Gen.

"It's dead! It's dead! Don't Ask, Don't Tell is dead!"
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Title: that lonesome sound
Creator: [personal profile] sabinetzin
Universe: Stargate Atlantis
Type of work: Fanfic, 775 words
Contains: Talk of kink, vague mentions of sex
Summary: There's a box labeled yes and a box labeled no.

that lonesome sound )
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Title: Ask for Answers
Author: [personal profile] torachan
Fandom: Sarah Connor Chronicles
Wordcount: 100
Contains: Super vague spoilers for the end of the series.
Summary: You wonder sometimes if you feel like a man because you are one, or because she named you John.

You wonder what she thought when you were born.
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Title: Little Do Men Perceive
Creator: [personal profile] lunesque
Universe: DC Comics
Type of work: Fic
Contains: Violence, Character death (minor and OCs), Unhealthy coping mechanisms (alcohol and violence)
Summary and/or notes: Linda Danvers slips through the cracks of the world after the events of Infinite Crisis. Meanwhile, there's a new kidnapping ring in Gotham targeting the transients like Linda, which results in Linda, Batwoman, and the Question teaming up to shut them down.

Little Do Men Perceive
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Title: Have You Ever Thought About Your Heart?
Creator: [personal profile] shopfront
Universe: Xena: Warrior Princess
Type of work: Fiction
Contains: Background pairings, but no onscreen romantic content.
Notes: Written for [ profile] lgbtfest.

Summary: Ephiny sees more in Gabrielle than Gabrielle knew was a part of herself.

Have You Ever Thought About Your Heart?, on Dreamwidth.
Have You Ever Thought About Your Heart?, on Livejournal.
Have You Ever Thought About Your Heart?, on AO3.

Zombie 101

May. 17th, 2010 01:38 pm
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Title: Zombie 101
Creator: [personal profile] landshark
Universe: Supernatural AU (Sam and Dean are not related but were pretty much raised together.)
Type of work: Fic, approx. 500 words.
Contains: Zombie-related violence, talk of a non-existent het relationship, hints of one-sided Dean/Sam if you squint.
Summary: Saving people, hunting zombies. The family business.

Click for zombies. )
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Title: More Like a Shot in the Dark
Creator: [personal profile] snow
Universe: British Politics RPF
Type of work: Fanfiction, ~1000 words
Contains: Discussion but no graphic depiction of zombies and death. Politics.
Summary and/or notes: Peter Mandelson didn't ask to be given control of the country when the zombie apocalypse (not that he'd use either of those words) happened, but that doesn't mean he's not doing the best job he can.
Disclaimer: Though some of the events described in this story are based on actual people, this account is entirely fictional. This is a non-profit, non-commercial work of fiction using the names and likenesses of real individuals. By no means does is this story intended to imply that the events depicted actually occurred, or that the attitudes or behaviors described are engaged in or condoned by the real persons whose names are used without permission.

'Even if we had a written constitution, it would not cover the current situation,' Lord Mandelson, emergency interim leader of the United Kingdom, said. )
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Title: Area of Expertise
Creator: [personal profile] dagas_isa
Universe: Liar Game (manga)
Type of work: Fanfiction, ~900 words.
Contains: Guns, barely described violence, zombies
Summary and/or notes:
Fukunaga has been training for this possibility for years, she's just never expected the zombie apocalypse to show up here of all places.

Link goes to my journal.
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Title: Concertina
Creator: [personal profile] kisahawklin
Universe: Criminal Minds
Type of work: Fanfiction
Contains: Classical music, sexual identity confusion, coming out conversation
Summary and/or notes: Gideon and Reid go to a concert and have pie.

Read more... )
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Title: Mother-Daughter
Creator: [personal profile] bluflamingo
Universe: The West Wing
Type of work: Fic, 2644 words
Contains: Mention of divorce; post-series
Summary and/or notes: Ellie hasn't been back to New Hampshire in years – not since before Laura was born – but when she walks out of the lawyer's office, Laura's hand in hers, there's nowhere else she wants to be

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Er, OK, I didn't mean to write for the challenge so quickly, but apparently I was inspired(?!), so I have asexual!Andrew and bisexual!Dawn fic, with added Satsu, because for some reason I'm shipping her with Dawn at the moment.

Title: Go, Remembering Me (to Return on a Favourable Wind)
Creator: [personal profile] quinara
Universe: Buffyverse; a sort of AU S8 comics futureverse thing.
Type of work: ~2600 word fic.
Contains: A certain level of Dawn/Satsu romantic content, though I maintain the main focus is on the Andrew-Dawn (+ Andrew-Satsu) friendship. I also use the word 'crap'. Also, warning for brief mention of past attempted rape.
Summary and notes: Last year, Andrew knew where he stood with Dawn: they were good friends, living in the same city, celebrating Dawn's acceptance to university. Now that she's actually there he's not so sure. [The title of this fic is a translation of Ovid Amores 2.11.37 (ed. Booth): uade memor nostri uento reditura secundo, because apparently I'm that pretentious.]

Go, Remembering Me (to Return on a Favourable Wind). )
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Title: Fish for the Blues
Creator: [personal profile] quinara
Universe: Final Fantasy IX
Type of work: 1600 word fanfic
Contains: A minor identity crisis.
Summary: Quina shares more of xyr knowledge after xyr adventuring-apprentice, Bobby Corwen, has a strange experience.
Notes: Set not that long after Stroper Stew. I blame [personal profile] angelikitten.

Fish for the Blues. )
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Title: Finding Flavour
Author: [personal profile] angelikitten
Fandom: Final Fantasy IX
Cast: Quina
Rating: G
Summary: Quina sets off on an adventure of xyr own
Notes: Written for the [community profile] queerlygen Road Trip Challenge, even if it's not quite a road trip. Set after my fic Green Skinned Feast and is completely [personal profile] quinara's fault.

Finding Flavour
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Title: Stroper Stew
Creator: [personal profile] quinara
Universe: Final Fantasy IX
Type of work: 1300 word fanfic
Contains: What might be referred to as 'fantasy violence'.
Summary: A Qu and xyr chocobo take on the world, one meal at a time.
Notes: [personal profile] angelikitten's fic left me completely in the mood for some more FFIX Quina!fic, so for the roadtrip challenge here xe is with Bobby Corwen, the cute little baby chocobo from the Black Mage Village. I'm using the sex-neutral pronouns [personal profile] angelikitten used in xyr fic, because I have no preference of my own.

Stroper Stew. )
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Title: Green Skinned Feast
Author: [personal profile] angelikitten
Fandom: Final Fantasy IX
Cast: Quina, Zidane, Garnet
Rating: G
Summary: There's no such thing as a feast that goes off without a hitch.
Notes: Written for [personal profile] quinara's prompt at [community profile] queerlygen - "There is something extra-special/different about the feast Garnet and Zidane are giving, but only Quina knows why". In the English translation, Quina is referred to as "s/he"/him (other language translations vary), but here I use the pronouns xe/xyr, because that always annoyed me.

Green Skinned Feast
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Title: Babysitting at the CNY parade
Creator: [personal profile] sqbr
Universe: Saving Face
Type of work: Digital painting
Contains: A canon couple, could be read as femslash
Summary and/or notes: Wil and Vivien babysitting Wil's sister at the Chinese New Year parade.

Drawn for the prompt Wil - babysitting/looking after her sister by [personal profile] angelikitten, also for [ profile] red_packet. Thanks to [ profile] nico_wolfwood and [ profile] bantha_fodder for the beta.


Feb. 7th, 2010 01:45 am
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Title: Scars
Creator: [personal profile] torachan
Universe: One Piece
Type of work: Fanfic (drabble)
Contains: 100% pure gen featuring Roronoa Zoro and Nico Robin
Summary: Zoro has enough other scars that those scars aren't even noticeable anymore.

Read it here.


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