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Title: Concertina
Creator: [personal profile] kisahawklin
Universe: Criminal Minds
Type of work: Fanfiction
Contains: Classical music, sexual identity confusion, coming out conversation
Summary and/or notes: Gideon and Reid go to a concert and have pie.

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Reminder #2

Apr. 8th, 2010 10:02 am
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This is your end-of-challenge reminder for challenge #2: STAYING UP LATE. Only a few days left (challenge closes April 12th), and there are five lovely submissions so far (check them out here).

You can do it! Write us a little something! Hermione studying for exams under the covers, Shawn Spencer on a stakeout with Lassiter, Neal Caffrey and Mozzie doing something they shouldn't. Maybe you've got an original character that works the night shift or prefers 24 hour WalMarts at 3am.

Give us your fic and art and vids and other content! *\o/*
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Title: The Principled Affair of the Compromised K.C.
Universe: The detective stories of Dorothy L. Sayers
Author: [personal profile] legionseagle (A.J.Hall)
Contains: Historical (1920s) attitudes to sexual minorities in the UK

Summary: Sir Impey Biggs K.C. reflects on what shaped his hatred of blackmailers.

Follow the fake cut to the story here
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Title: Mother-Daughter
Creator: [personal profile] bluflamingo
Universe: The West Wing
Type of work: Fic, 2644 words
Contains: Mention of divorce; post-series
Summary and/or notes: Ellie hasn't been back to New Hampshire in years – not since before Laura was born – but when she walks out of the lawyer's office, Laura's hand in hers, there's nowhere else she wants to be

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Title: All-nighter
Creator: [personal profile] lady_ganesh
Universe: Gensomaden Saiyuki
Type of work: 200+-word ficlet
Contains: Minor theft and science
Summary and/or notes: How Ken'yuu got his first Ph.D.

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Title: Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi
Creator: [personal profile] viklikesfic
Universe: Figure Skating RPF
Type of work: 209-word ficlet
Contains: Consumption of alcohol, naughty language, and silliness
Summary: One night in Vancouver after the men's figure skating competition, Johnny Weir and Stéphane Lambiel stay up late and have their own celebration, no medal winners allowed.

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Title: Staying Up Late (I know, I know! I'm uninspired, OK?)
Creator: El Staplador
Universe: Dorothy L Sayers' Wimseyverse
Type of work: fic, a little under 500 words
Contains: memories, mostly. Reference to terminal illness. Oblique references to fox-hunting and poaching.
Notes: Agatha Dawson is the first victim in Unnatural Death. This contains no spoilers for the mystery, though does reference background information that we find out about half way through the book.

Clara was one to be up with the lark, out with the hounds at daybreak, and, though Agatha followed her, blinking and yawning, over hedge and gate, ford and field, she always preferred staying up late.
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This is your mid-challenge reminder for challenge #2: STAYING UP LATE. We're halfway there, and only one submission so far. You can do it! Tell us about Ladies' Poker Night on Atlantis, or Reid staying awake on the plane ride home from Seattle after a case, or give us some insight into your original characters.

Just a little something! *cheerleads*
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Er, OK, I didn't mean to write for the challenge so quickly, but apparently I was inspired(?!), so I have asexual!Andrew and bisexual!Dawn fic, with added Satsu, because for some reason I'm shipping her with Dawn at the moment.

Title: Go, Remembering Me (to Return on a Favourable Wind)
Creator: [personal profile] quinara
Universe: Buffyverse; a sort of AU S8 comics futureverse thing.
Type of work: ~2600 word fic.
Contains: A certain level of Dawn/Satsu romantic content, though I maintain the main focus is on the Andrew-Dawn (+ Andrew-Satsu) friendship. I also use the word 'crap'. Also, warning for brief mention of past attempted rape.
Summary and notes: Last year, Andrew knew where he stood with Dawn: they were good friends, living in the same city, celebrating Dawn's acceptance to university. Now that she's actually there he's not so sure. [The title of this fic is a translation of Ovid Amores 2.11.37 (ed. Booth): uade memor nostri uento reditura secundo, because apparently I'm that pretentious.]

Go, Remembering Me (to Return on a Favourable Wind). )
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The vote is in and our next prompt is going to be STAYING UP LATE, though that zombie apocalypse is getting steadily more popular. Get out your coffee or alcohol or adrenaline-fueled rage and make those characters stay up until they can't keep their eyes open any longer.

Please put your work in a new post to the community. Don't forget to check the tags and post with any that are appropriate - including the challenge: stay up late tag.

A note about reminders: two reminders was most popular, so that's what we'll do. I will try for weekly, but with moving and other things going on in my life and the other mods lives, it may be closer to mid-challenge and a few days out from closing (as suggested by [personal profile] angelikitten in the comments). But there will be two, somewhere in there!

Today is Tuesday-ish, March 23, the challenge closes on Monday-ish, April 12th. Go forth and create!


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