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This is a rec post to an excellent story; it's not hosted on Dreamwidth but on Archive of Our Own, so I'm not sure whether it counts towards the 3W4DW contest (if not I don't mind, I wanted to rec it anyway).

Title: Searching for Something That Makes Hearts Move
Creator: [ profile] mazily
Universe: Whip It (2009 movie)
Type of work: fanfic
Contains: friendship, babysitting, roller derby, bisexuality, undergrads, some non-explicit romantic/sexual activity between cis women of discrepant ages, strong language
Author's teaser: "Pash adjusts the strap of her backpack, double-checks the rainbow button on the front."
Reccer's notes: Pash returns to Texas after her first year at Columbia. It's filed as "F/F" in the Archive and there are some steamy Pash/Maggie scenes but I feel that relationship is supplementary to Pash's growing into herself as an independent, bisexual woman, and it's the Pash & Bliss friendship that really shines. The voices are great and the attention to detail is just delicious, and it's full of little moments that make me crack up or go "<3 <3 <3!!!" (from the first scene at the airport through Twilight-mocking, all the call-backs to the movie, the David Bowie action figure, Pash & Maggie in the car, right up to Bliss' apology. Also neat is the slightly different angle it gives on Bliss and her friends in the derby world; Whip It was Bliss' story, and this is Pash's. I also heartily heartily recommend the movie itself to anyone who hasn't seen it.

That link again is Searching for Something That Makes Hearts Move


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