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Something Lost & Something Gained [Rivers of London ficlet by Glinda]

Title: Something Lost & Something Gained
Creator: [personal profile] glinda
Universe: Rivers of London
Type of work: Fanfiction
Contains: Older closeted character dealing with potentially being able to be out and doing something about his desires.
Summary and/or notes: There are a great many things Thomas Nightingale finds baffling or unsettling about this new century – this on the other hand is one of its great joys. (Set post Foxglove Summer so spoilers for that.)

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Three "slice of life" fics, written around the idea of Bucky, Natasha, Steve, Sharon, Sam, Toro, and other characters are in a polyamorous group where some are lovers and some are friends and everyone gets love and strength for the arrangement.

Title: 11th hour Christmas
Creator: ani_bester
Universe: Marvel 616
Rating: G
Contains: Reference to polyamory and cross dressing
Notes: written several years ago as a present for Gloss.
Summary: Friends and lovers sneak in a Christmas gift exchange between the chaos that comes with being a Marvel Superhero, and Bucky finds out everyone knows him better than he thought.

11th hour Christmas )

Title: First and Last Chance
Creator: ani_bester
Universe: Marvel 616
Rating: G
Contains: Reference to polyamory
Notes: Random ficlet is set in random time and may not fit with current canon stories, granted that's possibly evident by Bucky not being in a Gulag. Ann is the canon wife of Toro, girlfriend of Jim Hammond, (god bless Marvel) and hung around the West Coast Avengers and Namor's corporation thing. Also, I'm sure in the Marvel universe NASA is much snazzier than in real life…
Summary: Bucky, Sam, Steve, and others gather to watch the last shuttle launch

First and Last Chance )

Title: Little Known Fact
Creator: ani_bester
Universe: Marvel 616
Rating: G
Contains: NA
Notes: Thanks to jynx for being my beta at the very last minutes. Also, the book in this story really does exist and is exactly as I say it is in the fic. I for one found the book to be interesting.
Summary: After his birthday party, Steve gets one last present from a small group of his closest friends, and it's all Bucky's fault.

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Thirty Years Later [Young Justice ficlet by ciaan]

Title: Thirty Years Later
Creator: [personal profile] ciaan
Universe: Young Justice cartoon
Type of work: fic
Contains: time travel families, some romantic content
Summary: An Allen-Reyes family evening. 270 words.
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two SV/DCU fics by ciaan

Creator: [personal profile] ciaan
Universe: based on S1-S3 of Smallville, some DCU elements
Type of work: fanfic
Contains: alcohol, unrequited/unfulfilled romantic feelings
Notes: part 2 and 3 of a series, part 1 is Such Shaping Fantasies

Title: O brave new world
Summary: Conner goes outside for the first time. 2,000 words.

Title: So quick bright things come to confusion
Summary: Clark goes to investigate this Superboy and his relation to Lex. 1,500 words.
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The Jack Harkness Effect

Torchwood, Ianto Jones, Jack Harkness, OFC. It must be those 51st century pheromones. 100 words, all ages, not mine. Implied background Jack/Ianto.

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Warrior Angels by snowynight (Marvel comics fanfic)

Title: Warrior Angels
Creator: [personal profile] snowynight
Universe: Marvel comics
Type of work: Fanfiction
Contains: very mild romantic content
Summary and/or notes: Misty Knight and Colleen Wing lead an adventure to Savage Land to further the cause of rebellion.
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The Bright Side

Title: The Bright Side
Creator: were_lemur
Universe: Torchwood
Type of work: fiction (drabble)
Contains: Serious injuries to an immortal character.
Summary and/or notes: Being immortal isn't all fun and games.

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Cold Comfort

Title: Cold Comfort
Creator: [personal profile] were_lemur
Universe: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Type of work: fiction (drabble)
Contains: Established and debatably canon relationship, but no sexual content. Alternate universe.
Summary and/or notes: Giles tries to comfort Buffy, Ethan tries to comfort Giles. Neither of them completely succeeds. Part of my Buffy has Two Daddies-verse.

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FIC: The Case of the Burglarious Bibliophile (Xover Sherlock/Highlander)

Title: The Case of the Burglarious Bibliophile (Part 1 of 2 on DW) (Part 2 of 2 on DW)

Authors: [personal profile] adabsolutely and [personal profile] mackiedockie

Fandoms: Sherlock(BBC) and Highlander (TV series)

Characters from Sherlock BBC: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Mycroft Holmes, Anthea.
Characters from Highlander the series: Methos, Joe Dawson, Duncan MacLeod.
Original Characters as needed.

Relationships: Intimated, nonexplicit, DM/M, J/S

Rated: PG-13

Word Count: 19,900

Warnings: Canon-typical violence, gen, slash attitude, not explicit, bit of snogging.

Grateful thanks to [personal profile] dragonfly and Dear_Ophelia for brilliant beta work.

This story is cross-posted at [personal profile] adabsolutely's LJ account in four parts--Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 if one prefers smaller bites of fic. It is also posted at AOOO, and soon to HLFic.
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All The Friends You Had Got Paid [fanfic by ciaan]

Title: All The Friends You Had Got Paid
Creator: [personal profile] ciaan
Universe: DC Comics, DCnU relaunch
Type of work: fiction
Contains: references to drug addiction and underage prostitution
Summary: Red Hood and the Outlaws run into some people who could be echoes of their pasts.
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then the sky will shed its metaphors of freedom [Fanfic by lady_krysis]

Title: then the sky will shed its metaphors of freedom
Creator: [personal profile] lady_krysis/[ profile]lady_krysis
Universe: Sucker Punch
Type of Work: Fic
Contains: The bulk of this fic takes place in the second narrative in which the setting is a brothel and there is forced prostitution. This fic does not contain overt or explicit sexual content but does contain romantic content between Amber and Blondie.
Summary: Having wings doesn't mean we all know how to fly or that we even know we can.
Author's Note: Written for the Female Character Trope Fest. Thanks to [personal profile] lunesque for the beta.

then the sky will shed its metaphors of freedom (AO3)

then the sky will shed its metaphors of freedom (Dreamwidth)

Mods: May I please have a fandom tag for Sucker Punch?
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Making a Difference (White Collar fic)

Title: Making a Difference
Creator: [personal profile] china_shop
Universe: White Collar
Type of work: Fanfic.
Contains: References to past relationship.
Summary and/or notes: Episode tag for 2.15.

Making a Difference
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Official Bureau Response (fanfic by Dragonfly)

Title: Official Bureau Response
Creator: [personal profile] dragonfly
Universe: White Collar
Type of work: Fanfic, missing scene from Point Blank
Contains: Lesbian character
Summary and/or notes: What happened after Diana 'cuffed Neal?

This is not a newly written story, so it doesn't seem right to claim it's for the current challenge, though it certainly takes place at work. I own no rights to anything related to White Collar.

Official Bureau Response
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Rising [Fic by lunesque]

Title: Rising
Creator: [personal profile] lunesque
Universe: No Rest for the Wicked
Type of Work: Fic
Pairing: November/Red
Summary: Red can be greedy, at times.
Contains: Minor character death but nothing explicit.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to Andrea L. Peterson. I promise to let them go back undamaged.
Author's Note: This was written for the Female Character Trope Fest. The prompt was No Rest for the Wicked, mirror!verse. This story is queer gen. Red and November are absolutely together in this universe, but that has no bearing on the story.

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Code Error (Red Dwarf fanfic by Hyel)

Title: Code Error
Creator: [personal profile] ilthit
Universe: Red Dwarf
Type of work: Fic
Contains: Forcible gender re-assignment and robotic lack of free will.
Summary: Kryten has been classified as a woman and attempts to change his programming to reflect his classification.
Notes: Criticism welcome. I had no beta. I  meant to write a 'work and play' fic, but this happened instead.

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Blooming, Lovely [Sarah Jane Adventures fic by thingswithwings]

Title: Blooming, Lovely
Creator: [personal profile] thingswithwings
Universe: Sarah Jane Adventures
Type of Work: fanfic
Contains: kids having secret crushes on adults they know
Summary/Notes: Just a little piece of Rani + Clyde sweetness that I wanted to write. Thanks to the "Family" challenge, I had that little push of motivation to actually get it done!

fic at my journal

(mods, may I have a tag for fandom: the sarah jane adventures, please?)
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And They Lived (Strangers In Paradise fic by Lemposoi)

Title: And They Lived
Creator: [personal profile] lemposoi
Universe: Strangers In Paradise
Type of work: Fiction
Contains: Some interaction between a couple, mentions of a background couple, fluff.
Summary and/or notes: I didn't have my copy of 'Ever After' with me when I wrote this, and it has been a while, so if I made any mistakes, let me know. I also didn't have a beta, so C, C and nitpicks are welcome.

And They Lived )
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It Is Whatever You Love [DCU fic by ciaan]

Title: It Is Whatever You Love
Fandom: DC Comics
Rating: teen
Summary: Cass Cain and her friends form a queercore band. Written for [community profile] notgreenorblue. 1,700 words. Gen with Cass/Steph and other pairings.
Notes: normal human non-superhero high school AU

"We should start a band," Cassie says. Cass rolls her head over on Steph's stomach to look at the other girl.

"No way," Cissie replies. "My mother would love that too much."