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Three "slice of life" fics, written around the idea of Bucky, Natasha, Steve, Sharon, Sam, Toro, and other characters are in a polyamorous group where some are lovers and some are friends and everyone gets love and strength for the arrangement.

Title: 11th hour Christmas
Creator: ani_bester
Universe: Marvel 616
Rating: G
Contains: Reference to polyamory and cross dressing
Notes: written several years ago as a present for Gloss.
Summary: Friends and lovers sneak in a Christmas gift exchange between the chaos that comes with being a Marvel Superhero, and Bucky finds out everyone knows him better than he thought.

11th hour Christmas )

Title: First and Last Chance
Creator: ani_bester
Universe: Marvel 616
Rating: G
Contains: Reference to polyamory
Notes: Random ficlet is set in random time and may not fit with current canon stories, granted that's possibly evident by Bucky not being in a Gulag. Ann is the canon wife of Toro, girlfriend of Jim Hammond, (god bless Marvel) and hung around the West Coast Avengers and Namor's corporation thing. Also, I'm sure in the Marvel universe NASA is much snazzier than in real lifeā€¦
Summary: Bucky, Sam, Steve, and others gather to watch the last shuttle launch

First and Last Chance )

Title: Little Known Fact
Creator: ani_bester
Universe: Marvel 616
Rating: G
Contains: NA
Notes: Thanks to jynx for being my beta at the very last minutes. Also, the book in this story really does exist and is exactly as I say it is in the fic. I for one found the book to be interesting.
Summary: After his birthday party, Steve gets one last present from a small group of his closest friends, and it's all Bucky's fault.

Little Known Fact )
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Title Group Night Out
Rating G
Creator ani_bester
Universe Marvel Comics (Invaders)
Type of Work Fanart

Larger Version )
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Title: Warrior Angels
Creator: [personal profile] snowynight
Universe: Marvel comics
Type of work: Fanfiction
Contains: very mild romantic content
Summary and/or notes: Misty Knight and Colleen Wing lead an adventure to Savage Land to further the cause of rebellion.
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Title: to this earth we fall
Creator: [personal profile] gloss
Universe: Marvel comics
Type of work: Fic
Contains: (skip) Some sexual references and salty language; no explicit content whatsoever.
Summary and/or notes: I've been here for so long, I can feel it coming down on me/I'm just a slow emotion replay of somebody I used to be.
For Festibility: how Bucky got his new arm and Fury was the worst rehab therapist ever. Title and summary from The The; beta by G.
Please note that both characters were born well before WWII and their worldviews are...not quite in synch with modern attitudes; readers should be warned for ableist language and convictions.


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