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Title: The Time Machine
Creator: [personal profile] sashataakheru 
Universe: Midlands Enlightenment (historical) RPF, part of the Run With The Wolves 'verse.
Type of work: Fanfic
Contains: time travel, time machines, a car crash (no explicit or graphic descriptions though), a flying human, and shenanigans
Notes: I had planned for this to be longer, and to include a background Watt/Boulton pairing, but university work, time constraints and [community profile] kink_bingo fills have kept me from getting much further with this. It's still complete enough to post for you, and I'm happy to post any further parts to the comm if anyone's interested.
After having conquered the steam engine, James Watt is struck with an incredible bout of inspiration: a machine that can travel through time. When he takes a leap of faith and actually builds it, no one's quite sure if it will work. When the damn thing actually does work, James and his esteemed Lunatics from the Lunar Society find themselves two hundred years in the future. Shenanigans are the only thing that can follow.

The Time Machine on DW.

The Time Machine on AO3.

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Title: Really Slowly, and in the Right Order
Creator: [personal profile] el_staplador/[ profile] elstaplador
Universe: Crossover: Whoniverse/Orlando (Woolf)
Type of Work: Fic
Contains: Snobbery, unwilling medical examination, Orlando, Captain Jack, loose ends
Summary: Some people travel through time the usual way: one day after another.

Really Slowly, and in the Right Order )
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Hi folks!

We haven't received any entries for this prompt challenge yet, so I'm going to extend it a couple of weeks. I know I've been madly working on a big bang and two other fest fics, so I'm hoping that's what you are all doing as well (or just on summer vacation). In any event, we'll keep this open until Monday August 22nd, so hopefully we can get some entries for our Challenge #7: Time Travel.

Banners by [personal profile] ilthit here, if you'd like to share on your journal and help us drum up some business.
kate: Aubrey says, "Come cheer up my lads, tis to glory we steer." (MAC: cheer up my lads - treasure)
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You voted and the new flashwork challenge is Time Travel.

Please put your work in a new post to the community. Don't forget to check the tags and post with any that are appropriate - including the challenge: time travel tag.

Today is Friday-ish, July 15th, the challenge closes on Monday-ish, August 8th. Go forth and create!

Also, thanks to [personal profile] ilthit who made us the delightful banner. If you wish to advertise the challenge, feel free to use it here, first text box is for the size above, second for a smaller one:


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