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Hi folks!

We haven't received any entries for this prompt challenge yet, so I'm going to extend it a couple of weeks. I know I've been madly working on a big bang and two other fest fics, so I'm hoping that's what you are all doing as well (or just on summer vacation). In any event, we'll keep this open until Monday August 22nd, so hopefully we can get some entries for our Challenge #7: Time Travel.

Banners by [personal profile] ilthit here, if you'd like to share on your journal and help us drum up some business.
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I'm so late on this - the lovely [personal profile] ilthit made us some lovely banners for this challenge (see below, and for other sizes, see here), so won't you consider doing a little flashwork in the fandom of your choice for Work and Play?

If you have any ideas or questions or concerns, put those here too. Maybe you have a prompt you won't get to or you're stuck on an idea and we can brainstorm together!


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Vote for our next flashworks prompt if you have an interest; it will be closing whenever I drag my butt out of bed tomorrow morning, likely around 10am EST.

Thank you! :D

ETA: Poll is closed! Prompt post will go up tomorrow morning when I get home after driving all night. :D
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I'll be closing the Family challenge tonight before I go to bed, so around midnight EST. If you've got those fanworks, get them up there (and I know I'm going to try to write a little something before bed). Start thinking up prompts for the next one - it'll match up with the [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw fest, so let's make it a good one! :D
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So if you have ideas for the theme, please post a comment here.

Also, just a reminder, we're looking for co-mods. If you're interested, please comment anywhere on the comm or contact me by PM or email to queerlygen@gmail.com. Thanks!


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