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So, we're still here - thanks to several lovely people who have been posting fic and other goodies. Please take a look around at those, and thank you! Also, thank you to master-mod [personal profile] fiercelydreamed who was on top of things with the DADT repeal and posted a Military challenge! There are several wonderful works for that too.

ETA: Also, thanks to the lovely anon donor who bought paid time for the comm! ♥♥♥</ETA>

Now, [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw is coming around again, and if you recall (I do, with extreme clarity and burning shame), we had a contest last year. Well, part of the reason we never posted results was that we had ties in all of the categories! There was one moderately clear winner - [personal profile] majoline, who commented on the most 3W4DW works, so that's 100 DW points! (Many thanks to [personal profile] iadorespike who donated points for the prizes.)

The rest of the points prizes are going to be rolled over into something else; but let's talk about that. A few issues we'd love to get your input about:

-What do you think about the flashfic-style challenges? Do you like them? Should we get them rolling again? Would you rather see something else?

-Help! Anyone have free time available to help mod? Most of our mods have run into the real life busies and we need someone(s) who is(are) willing to help us out with keeping things on track (especially if we go with the flashfic challenges again). If you are that person(s), please comment here or email us at queerlygen (at) gmail (dot) com.

-How do you feel about another 3W4DW contest? We have prize points left over, and we did get a moderately nice turnout, and hopefully we will have another mod or two to help with the management of prizes, and... yes? Maybe?

-Any other thoughts or suggestions? All welcome, I really love this comm and I want to get it back on its feet.


Jun. 30th, 2010 01:50 pm
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My head is about to explode with stress so this post is inexcusably late.

It's also going to be inexcusably incomplete.

The long of it: will be posted next week sometime.

The short of it: we had a tie for Three Weeks To Dreamwidth prizes. There was only one clear winner - [personal profile] majoline, who commented the most. Thank you, [personal profile] majoline, for your support! I'm terribly sorry this has come so late. Also a heartfelt THANK YOU to [personal profile] iadorespike, who provided the points for [personal profile] majoline's prize.

And for those who recced/wrote/drew/did other things: WE WILL BE HAVING A TIEBREAKER CHALLENGE.

Rules and a poll for prompt suggestions to come next week.

Again, my sincerest apologies for being so absent.
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So this is the close of the Zombie Apocalypse flashworks challenge, and the Three Weeks for Dreamwidth challenge as well. Sorry to be a little late, but a few people squeaked stories in there, and more zombies = good, so that's fabulous. Check out the flashworks with the handy-dandy zombie apocalypse or three weeks for dreamwidth tags.

The mods will need to huddle a little before handing out prizes, but we will hopefully in the next day or two (Friday at the latest, I swear on a girl scout).

Also, thanks to [personal profile] iadorespike for the generous contribution of points for prizes! You are awesome! *\o/*
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This is your end-of-challenge reminder for challenge #3: ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. Only a couple of days left (challenge closes May 16th), and there are two lovely submissions so far (check them out here).

Also, don't forget that running concurrent with this challenge is a Three Weeks for Dreamwidth challenge. There are prizes for most flashworks posted (any and all types), most recs posted (independent of flashworks - recs on any queerly gen works) and most comments made on eligible posts (meaning recs or flashwork posts in the community).

Some pertinent information:
Recs do not have to be of works on Dreamwidth; the rec just has to be posted to the community.

If you wish to be considered for prizes, please add the Three Weeks for Dreamwidth tag to your entry. Currently there are two recs, but neither are tagged. You can tag your own entry, so if you posted a rec and want to be considered, please go back and add the three weeks for dreamwidth tag.

You can post multiple recs in one post, or make several posts, one for each rec. It's the number of recs that count, not the number of posts.

Have fun and get cracking on those zombies! You fought hard for this prompt - go go zombie apocalypse!
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We are now roughly halfway through our Zombie Apocalypse challenge. We've one entry so far, you can check it out under the Zombie Apocalypse tag. Bring on those zombies! We've been lobbying for this for months - let's get those zombies eating some brains!

It's also the only submission for our Three Weeks for Dreamwidth fest so far, and there are no recs, which is sad. :( Don't you want to rec us your favorite gen works with queer characters? We want to read them and comment on them! Bring on the recs!
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Vote wisely, friends, as we are also having a concurrent contest to support Three Weeks for Dreamwidth. The object of the Three Weeks for Dreamwidth fest is to produce content exclusively for Dreamwidth. In a general sense, people all over Dreamwidth are running memes on their personal journals, communities are running contests, challenges, and fests, and individuals are posting exclusively to Dreamwidth. You can participate as much or as little as you like.

Participation in Three Weeks for Dreamwidth is not mandatory to participate in [community profile] queerlygen's Flashwork Challenge #3. If you do not wish to participate in Three Weeks for Dreamwidth, you may post on your journal or other site and link your work here (you may also do this for gen works with queer characters at any time).

For the purposes of this contest, however, if you wish to participate, you must post your fic, art, vid, rec set, meta, or other post directly to the [community profile] queerlygen community, and not post elsewhere during the three weeks the challenge runs. After the challenge closes (on May 16th), you may post your works elsewhere.

Another way to participate - a less time-consuming way and one that will make people who post happy - is to comment. This post describes how vital commenting is. It doesn't have to take a lot of time, and even the smallest comment can make an artist or author or meta-er or reccer or vidder's day.

There will be prizes! We will have prizes for most flashworks posted (any and all types), most recs posted (independent of flashworks - recs on any queerly gen works), and most comments made on eligible posts (meaning rec sets or flashfic posts in the community). Prizes will be paid in Dreamwidth points - 100 points to the winner in each category.

And now, on to the poll!

Poll #2872 Flashfic Challenge #3
This poll is closed.
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 59

What should be the theme of queerlygen's flasfhic challenge #3?

View Answers

5 (8.5%)

3 (5.1%)

Zombie apocalypse
17 (28.8%)

Parents and children
12 (20.3%)

9 (15.3%)

Waiting for something
13 (22.0%)

0 (0.0%)

Last call

Apr. 25th, 2010 12:59 am
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Last call for prompt suggestions for flashwork challenge number three. There are currently five.

I'm going to bed; when I get up tomorrow I'll put up the poll to determine our next flashwork challenge. There are a few surprises this time around, so keep your eyes peeled for those.
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Just when our paid account was heading toward expiration, someone took it upon themselves to give [community profile] queerlygen  another two months of paid time! Thanks, kind person. We appreciate your generosity and will endeavor to do something cool with it. :)

Reminder #2

Apr. 8th, 2010 10:02 am
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This is your end-of-challenge reminder for challenge #2: STAYING UP LATE. Only a few days left (challenge closes April 12th), and there are five lovely submissions so far (check them out here).

You can do it! Write us a little something! Hermione studying for exams under the covers, Shawn Spencer on a stakeout with Lassiter, Neal Caffrey and Mozzie doing something they shouldn't. Maybe you've got an original character that works the night shift or prefers 24 hour WalMarts at 3am.

Give us your fic and art and vids and other content! *\o/*
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This is your mid-challenge reminder for challenge #2: STAYING UP LATE. We're halfway there, and only one submission so far. You can do it! Tell us about Ladies' Poker Night on Atlantis, or Reid staying awake on the plane ride home from Seattle after a case, or give us some insight into your original characters.

Just a little something! *cheerleads*
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The vote is in and our next prompt is going to be STAYING UP LATE, though that zombie apocalypse is getting steadily more popular. Get out your coffee or alcohol or adrenaline-fueled rage and make those characters stay up until they can't keep their eyes open any longer.

Please put your work in a new post to the community. Don't forget to check the tags and post with any that are appropriate - including the challenge: stay up late tag.

A note about reminders: two reminders was most popular, so that's what we'll do. I will try for weekly, but with moving and other things going on in my life and the other mods lives, it may be closer to mid-challenge and a few days out from closing (as suggested by [personal profile] angelikitten in the comments). But there will be two, somewhere in there!

Today is Tuesday-ish, March 23, the challenge closes on Monday-ish, April 12th. Go forth and create!
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In response to a question up by [personal profile] torachan (thank you!), the challenge post has been edited to add:

Please put your work in a new post to the community. Don't forget to check the tags and post with any that are appropriate - including the challenge: road trip tag.
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I believe there were other, anonymous, paid time-givers as well, so this is a shoutout to all of you for supporting this community.

This gives [community profile] queerlygen full text search which is brilliant. Search queerlygen here.
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First off, my apologies for the relative radio silence of late. I had some RL distractions and didn't get organized enough to get anything in motion here or enlist one of my co-mods to do it.

Now it's a new year, I'm guessing that people who participated in holiday challenges have recuperated, and a couple of kind souls have gifted the community with paid time! (Which reminds me: I'm a total DW novice -- what are the neat things we can/should do with said paid time?) All in all, I think it's an excellent time to get more active at this community.

So, what would you like to see here? One idea I had was borrowing the flashwork challenge model, where community members suggest themes which then go up for a limited time. So, for example, someone might suggest the theme "reinventing the wheel," and everyone would then have three weeks to post queerly gen works around that theme. Anyone in favor? Are there other approaches you'd like us to try? Would you like to see any kind of recurring moderated discussions? Remember, there's no reason we can't mix and match a bunch of ideas-- whatever appeals to y'all as community members is likely to work out well.

While we're discussing this, I'd also like to encourage everyone to repost any queerly gen works you may have created recently, or rec anything you may have encountered. Yuletide alone had 2,779 works (wow!), so I know there's got to be some great stuff that a lot of us haven't found yet.
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 All works -- including continued prompt responses and reposting of older works -- can now be posted to the community. :)
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 It is my distinct pleasure to drop the flag and let you all know that prompt replies can now be posted to the community!

Please review the guidelines if you haven't for the header and tag systems -- my apologies, we still don't have fandom-specific tags set up (the best intentions and RL schedules don't always mix), but we'll come back soon to add the missing tags for the works that have gone up. General posting of all works will begin next week on September 30th. 
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 We're almost ready to open the community up to prompt responses tomorrow (if you haven't checked out the comments, you should -- there are some great ideas there and no deadline for posting prompt replies). One more thing that'll help us get ready: if you're planning on posting a fannish or rpf work to the comm, leave a comment on this post and let us know what universe/text the work'll be in. That way, we can add some of the tags you'll need in advance. Otherwise, you can tag it as "fandom: other" or "rpf: other" and send us an email or message to request the tag you need, and we'll add it for you.

Also, if you haven't, please read the guidelines for creators and viewers. We're hoping they'll make it easier for this community to continue to be an inclusive and safe space, and we appreciate your efforts to help us shape it that way.


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