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Title: Blooming, Lovely
Creator: [personal profile] thingswithwings
Universe: Sarah Jane Adventures
Type of Work: fanfic
Contains: kids having secret crushes on adults they know
Summary/Notes: Just a little piece of Rani + Clyde sweetness that I wanted to write. Thanks to the "Family" challenge, I had that little push of motivation to actually get it done!

fic at my journal

(mods, may I have a tag for fandom: the sarah jane adventures, please?)
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Title: Proved by statistics
Creator: [personal profile] troublesteady
Universe: Discworld (Monstrous Regiment)
Type of work: Fic
Contains: War/military setting, background OCs, hints of a non-canon romantic pairing.
Notes: 1,660 words. Title from W. H. Auden's Shield of Achilles, which is just like Monstrous Regiment, except without silliness and crossdressing.

Proved by statistics
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Title: And They Lived
Creator: [personal profile] lemposoi
Universe: Strangers In Paradise
Type of work: Fiction
Contains: Some interaction between a couple, mentions of a background couple, fluff.
Summary and/or notes: I didn't have my copy of 'Ever After' with me when I wrote this, and it has been a while, so if I made any mistakes, let me know. I also didn't have a beta, so C, C and nitpicks are welcome.

And They Lived )
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Title: Her Brothers' Pride
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Cast: Penelo
Rating: G
Summary: Penelo always misses her brothers, but it hits her harder at some times than others.
Notes: Written for the [community profile] queerlygen Family Flashfic Challenge. According to the manual, Penelo's brothers taught her how to fight. Apparently I ran with that, to the point that I made up names for them.

Her Brothers' Pride
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Title: Part-Time
Creator:[personal profile] ilthit
Universe: The Green Hornet (2011)
Type of work: Fic
Contains: Cussing, talking about sex, sexually active teenager, violent thoughts, smoking, anti-gay sentiments, problematic father-son relationship.
Summary: Teenaged Britt has a fight with his father and a talk with the chauffeur.
Notes: For the Family flashfic challenge. ...I'm pretty sure this isn't what most people would write when they set out to write Green Hornet fic, but there you have it.

'There you are.' )
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You voted and the new flashwork challenge is Family (biological or chosen).

Please put your work in a new post to the community. Don't forget to check the tags and post with any that are appropriate - including the challenge: family tag.

Today is Monday-ish, March 28, the challenge closes on Monday-ish, April 18th. Go forth and create!

Also, thanks to [personal profile] ilthit who made us the delightful banner. If you wish to advertise the challenge, feel free to use it here:


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