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This is a great story, funny and sweet. The focus is on Esposito, but there are nice moments for several of the characters; Castle is particularly hilarious, as is his wont.

Title: Living Undercover
Creator: [personal profile] shrift
Universe: Castle
type of work: Fiction
author's summary: "Esposito liked to keep things neat, orderly. His clothes, his desk, his apartment, sure, but his desire for order applied to other things, too. Like his privacy, his personal life."

Read it here on DW, or here on AO3.
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This is a rec post to an excellent story; it's not hosted on Dreamwidth but on Archive of Our Own, so I'm not sure whether it counts towards the 3W4DW contest (if not I don't mind, I wanted to rec it anyway).

Title: Searching for Something That Makes Hearts Move
Creator: [ profile] mazily
Universe: Whip It (2009 movie)
Type of work: fanfic
Contains: friendship, babysitting, roller derby, bisexuality, undergrads, some non-explicit romantic/sexual activity between cis women of discrepant ages, strong language
Author's teaser: "Pash adjusts the strap of her backpack, double-checks the rainbow button on the front."
Reccer's notes: Pash returns to Texas after her first year at Columbia. It's filed as "F/F" in the Archive and there are some steamy Pash/Maggie scenes but I feel that relationship is supplementary to Pash's growing into herself as an independent, bisexual woman, and it's the Pash & Bliss friendship that really shines. The voices are great and the attention to detail is just delicious, and it's full of little moments that make me crack up or go "<3 <3 <3!!!" (from the first scene at the airport through Twilight-mocking, all the call-backs to the movie, the David Bowie action figure, Pash & Maggie in the car, right up to Bliss' apology. Also neat is the slightly different angle it gives on Bliss and her friends in the derby world; Whip It was Bliss' story, and this is Pash's. I also heartily heartily recommend the movie itself to anyone who hasn't seen it.

That link again is Searching for Something That Makes Hearts Move
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Title: Torchwood Virtual Series Three
Creator: group of authors joined in the community tw_itallchanges
Universe: Torchwood / Doctor Who
Type of work: Fanfiction
Contains: Bits of romance/sexual innuendo/occasional attempt at a date.
After the deaths of Toshiko Sato and Owen Harper, Torchwood must start again. Understaffed and overworked, they pick up the pieces under the command of Jack Harkness: time traveler, soldier, Companion and Captain. Along with Gwen Cooper and Ianto Jones, Torchwood stands in the face of a swiftly changing universe, facing off against adversaries both terrestrial and alien, while struggling with their own very human hopes and fears.
Note: The series follow the ending of series 2 of Torchwood, Children of Earth never happened, though some of the background information about the characters disclosed in CoE is used in the stories.
Reccer's Notes: It is what's said on the box: virtual series of Torchwood, written by a group of very talented fandom authors. As such, the series take all the traits of the canon - exiting plot about a team of alien hunters in Cardiff, with some action, some humour, some sexual innuendo and in a general mood of 'sexy, dark and dangerous' Doctor Who spin-off. Now with the addition of quite interesting OCs and fandom insaide jokes!
It has the canonical male couple, Jack/Ianto, among the main cast, and they manage to steal some intimacy in between saving the world. Exactly as in the canon, their relationship play a role in the plot but aren't the centre of it.

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 People have contributed lots of great prompts for the kickoff festival that starts in a week. If you haven't checked them out recently, I recommend you go peruse them and find some inspiration. To those of you who are already working on a work in response: full steam ahead!

In the meantime, let's whet each other's appetites and share recs for gen works about sexual and gender minority characters. Fanworks and original works are both welcome. To help people navigate the comments, please put the universe(s) of the works you're recommending in the title of your comments (example: "Recs for Veronica Mars, historical RPF, and original works"). In the rec, please give us some basic information about the work: title, author, rating/content information, and maybe a short excerpt or a quick explanation of why you're recommending it. Something like:

My Name Is John Sheppard: I'm a Mathematician, by [personal profile] thingswithwings.* SGA, mild swearing. Reason for the rec: Guys, it's SGA + Mathnet! And queer!Rodney without that being in any way The Point of The Story or leading to mandatory makeouts.

One last favor -- when you're linking, please make sure your link doesn't lead people to bypass the header information; it's important to give people the opportunity to decide whether they want to read/view the content there.

Rec away!

*As per usual, I'm picking on someone who I hope will forgive me. Seriously, though: Mathnet!


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