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Title: Into the Fire
Creator: [personal profile] kisahawklin
Universe: Stargate Atlantis meets Food Network RPF
Words: 1955
Rating: PG-13
Contains: Reference to but no actual sexual content. No violent content. Slight romantic content.
Notes: A follow up to Out of the Frying Pan for the Work and Play flashwork challenge.
Summary: Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives comes to Charlie's.

Into the Fire on the AO3
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I'm so late on this - the lovely [personal profile] ilthit made us some lovely banners for this challenge (see below, and for other sizes, see here), so won't you consider doing a little flashwork in the fandom of your choice for Work and Play?

If you have any ideas or questions or concerns, put those here too. Maybe you have a prompt you won't get to or you're stuck on an idea and we can brainstorm together!


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Hi there! You have voted, and you decided the theme for flashwork challenge #6 is Work and Play!

You do not have to add your story to the 3W4DW if you don't want to; if you do want to, it should be posted on DW only for three weeks, and please use the three weeks for dreamwidth tag.

Either way, please use the challenge: work and play tag. Sorry this isn't more uplifting, but I've just got home after 15 hours on the road and I need to faceplant now. Cheerleading in the comments? :D?


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