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...I always feel a bit odd posting stuff for my weird J-vidya fandom here. Would it help if I said that my canon has this 7-foot-tall electric megalomaniac? Who has an electro-kinky romance with another guy? And he's being stalked by this dead necromancer who can cause bad weather, but that's okay because he knows a folk charm that can ward off lightning if he says it every time it rains? *facepalm*

Title: Terminal Voltage
Creator: [personal profile] thene/[ profile] athenemiranda
Universe: Metal Gear
Type of work: Shortfic.
Contains: Queer, sadist narrator, ghosts, some mentions of the non-consensual kind of violence (and killing), ominous threats.
Summary and/or notes: Volgin is taking a walk in the rain, and The Sorrow is watching him.

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Written for one of [personal profile] theleaveswant's prompts: "big queer board/card game gathering."

Title: Showdown
Creator: [personal profile] thene / [ profile] athenemiranda
Universe: Metal Gear
Type of work: Fanfic
Contains: 1500 words: spoilers for MGS3 and MGS4, guns, some mild shippy stuff (mostly f/f and m/m but some awkward f/m flirting), and the narrator is a creepy (but fun-loving) mad scientist.
Summary and/or notes: It's 1971, and it's a post-Portable Ops Patriot poker party! (Btw, I use 'Kim' as Eva's first name out of fanon convention - I don't know where it started, but I picked it up and ran.)

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