May. 22nd, 2011 09:58 am
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There's only one suggestion so far on the last post, so this is another call here - we need a few suggestions so we can have a poll. Past prompts (as long as they have not won) are perfectly acceptable. Prompts, anyone? What prompt would you like to make fanworks for?
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That was a tough one! Only one work, and you can find it under the Work and Play challenge tag.

Let's move on to ideas for our next flashwork challenge - comment with your ideas and we'll put up a poll later this week.
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See the five stories under the challenge: family tag. And now start thinking up new prompts; we're going to put up our flashwork challenge at the same time as [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw (starting Monday next week). Leave your prompt ideas in the comments, please! :D
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Okay, so it seems there are at least a few people interested in continuing the flashfic challenges. We're going to try to keep these on a monthly schedule, so post your prompt ideas here (try here, here, and here for previous prompt ideas) in a comment, and we'll do a poll next week. So far our challenges have been road trip, stay up late, zombie apocalypse, and military. Anything that hasn't been used yet is fair game (even if it's been nommed before).

Feel free to ask questions in the comments too.
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Give us your prompts! We'll put a poll up when we've gathered your suggestions and then start the flashwork challenge next week.

Thoughts on the reminders welcome (more? less? different schedule?) - let us know how things are working around here.
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All right, with our road trip challenge all wrapped up, it's time to come up with prompts for the next flashwork challenge! You're welcome to resubmit a favorite prompt that didn't win out last time, or come up with a totally new idea.

While we're taking a couple of days to cook that up, please feel free to also comment and tell us what you liked (or didn't) about how this last challenge went. Any changes you'd suggest? One of my co-mods thought a couple of mid-challenge reminder posts might be helpful. Any other ideas on how we can keep the activity level up?
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People seemed to like the idea of a monthly flashwork challenge post, so that's what we're going to start with. Based on suggestions we got, here's our basic plan of how to run the challenge (which we'll be testing out this month):

- Put up a post for prompt suggestions
- A few days later, hold a vote for the theme by poll*
- Announce the challenge theme, kicking off a three-week period for posting challenge responses
- Rinse, repeat**

So, the comment field is ready and waiting: let the prompt suggestions commence!

* Thanks again, kind people who bought us paid time!
** Adjusting formula as needed.


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