Mar. 15th, 2011

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So, we're still here - thanks to several lovely people who have been posting fic and other goodies. Please take a look around at those, and thank you! Also, thank you to master-mod [personal profile] fiercelydreamed who was on top of things with the DADT repeal and posted a Military challenge! There are several wonderful works for that too.

ETA: Also, thanks to the lovely anon donor who bought paid time for the comm! ♥♥♥</ETA>

Now, [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw is coming around again, and if you recall (I do, with extreme clarity and burning shame), we had a contest last year. Well, part of the reason we never posted results was that we had ties in all of the categories! There was one moderately clear winner - [personal profile] majoline, who commented on the most 3W4DW works, so that's 100 DW points! (Many thanks to [personal profile] iadorespike who donated points for the prizes.)

The rest of the points prizes are going to be rolled over into something else; but let's talk about that. A few issues we'd love to get your input about:

-What do you think about the flashfic-style challenges? Do you like them? Should we get them rolling again? Would you rather see something else?

-Help! Anyone have free time available to help mod? Most of our mods have run into the real life busies and we need someone(s) who is(are) willing to help us out with keeping things on track (especially if we go with the flashfic challenges again). If you are that person(s), please comment here or email us at queerlygen (at) gmail (dot) com.

-How do you feel about another 3W4DW contest? We have prize points left over, and we did get a moderately nice turnout, and hopefully we will have another mod or two to help with the management of prizes, and... yes? Maybe?

-Any other thoughts or suggestions? All welcome, I really love this comm and I want to get it back on its feet.


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