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Hi folks!

We haven't received any entries for this prompt challenge yet, so I'm going to extend it a couple of weeks. I know I've been madly working on a big bang and two other fest fics, so I'm hoping that's what you are all doing as well (or just on summer vacation). In any event, we'll keep this open until Monday August 22nd, so hopefully we can get some entries for our Challenge #7: Time Travel.

Banners by [personal profile] ilthit here, if you'd like to share on your journal and help us drum up some business.
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You voted and the new flashwork challenge is Time Travel.

Please put your work in a new post to the community. Don't forget to check the tags and post with any that are appropriate - including the challenge: time travel tag.

Today is Friday-ish, July 15th, the challenge closes on Monday-ish, August 8th. Go forth and create!

Also, thanks to [personal profile] ilthit who made us the delightful banner. If you wish to advertise the challenge, feel free to use it here, first text box is for the size above, second for a smaller one:

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Poll #7221 Prompts for Flashwork Challenge #7
This poll is closed.
This poll is anonymous.
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 37


View Answers

weekend trip
2 (5.4%)

historical AUs
7 (18.9%)

4 (10.8%)

0 (0.0%)

secret revealed
0 (0.0%)

time travel
8 (21.6%)

home and away
0 (0.0%)

action and rest
0 (0.0%)

time and space
0 (0.0%)

pets and their care and feeding
1 (2.7%)

crack (wings, animal transformation, etc)
3 (8.1%)

school days
1 (2.7%)

1 (2.7%)

1 (2.7%)

bad ideas
1 (2.7%)

0 (0.0%)

taking over the world
4 (10.8%)

saving the world
4 (10.8%)

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Title: then the sky will shed its metaphors of freedom
Creator: [personal profile] lady_krysis/[archiveofourown.org profile]lady_krysis
Universe: Sucker Punch
Type of Work: Fic
Contains: The bulk of this fic takes place in the second narrative in which the setting is a brothel and there is forced prostitution. This fic does not contain overt or explicit sexual content but does contain romantic content between Amber and Blondie.
Summary: Having wings doesn't mean we all know how to fly or that we even know we can.
Author's Note: Written for the Female Character Trope Fest. Thanks to [personal profile] lunesque for the beta.

then the sky will shed its metaphors of freedom (AO3)

then the sky will shed its metaphors of freedom (Dreamwidth)

Mods: May I please have a fandom tag for Sucker Punch?


May. 22nd, 2011 09:58 am
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There's only one suggestion so far on the last post, so this is another call here - we need a few suggestions so we can have a poll. Past prompts (as long as they have not won) are perfectly acceptable. Prompts, anyone? What prompt would you like to make fanworks for?
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That was a tough one! Only one work, and you can find it under the Work and Play challenge tag.

Let's move on to ideas for our next flashwork challenge - comment with your ideas and we'll put up a poll later this week.
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Title: Into the Fire
Creator: [personal profile] kisahawklin
Universe: Stargate Atlantis meets Food Network RPF
Words: 1955
Rating: PG-13
Contains: Reference to but no actual sexual content. No violent content. Slight romantic content.
Notes: A follow up to Out of the Frying Pan for the Work and Play flashwork challenge.
Summary: Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives comes to Charlie's.

Into the Fire on the AO3
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Title: Official Bureau Response
Creator: [personal profile] dragonfly
Universe: White Collar
Type of work: Fanfic, missing scene from Point Blank
Contains: Lesbian character
Summary and/or notes: What happened after Diana 'cuffed Neal?

This is not a newly written story, so it doesn't seem right to claim it's for the current challenge, though it certainly takes place at work. I own no rights to anything related to White Collar.

Official Bureau Response
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Title: Rising
Creator: [personal profile] lunesque
Universe: No Rest for the Wicked
Type of Work: Fic
Pairing: November/Red
Summary: Red can be greedy, at times.
Contains: Minor character death but nothing explicit.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to Andrea L. Peterson. I promise to let them go back undamaged.
Author's Note: This was written for the Female Character Trope Fest. The prompt was No Rest for the Wicked, mirror!verse. This story is queer gen. Red and November are absolutely together in this universe, but that has no bearing on the story.

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I'm so late on this - the lovely [personal profile] ilthit made us some lovely banners for this challenge (see below, and for other sizes, see here), so won't you consider doing a little flashwork in the fandom of your choice for Work and Play?

If you have any ideas or questions or concerns, put those here too. Maybe you have a prompt you won't get to or you're stuck on an idea and we can brainstorm together!


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Title: Code Error
Creator: [personal profile] ilthit
Universe: Red Dwarf
Type of work: Fic
Contains: Forcible gender re-assignment and robotic lack of free will.
Summary: Kryten has been classified as a woman and attempts to change his programming to reflect his classification.
Notes: Criticism welcome. I had no beta. I  meant to write a 'work and play' fic, but this happened instead.

The lights went out to signify lockdown. )
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Hi there! You have voted, and you decided the theme for flashwork challenge #6 is Work and Play!

You do not have to add your story to the 3W4DW if you don't want to; if you do want to, it should be posted on DW only for three weeks, and please use the three weeks for dreamwidth tag.

Either way, please use the challenge: work and play tag. Sorry this isn't more uplifting, but I've just got home after 15 hours on the road and I need to faceplant now. Cheerleading in the comments? :D?
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Vote for our next flashworks prompt if you have an interest; it will be closing whenever I drag my butt out of bed tomorrow morning, likely around 10am EST.

Thank you! :D

ETA: Poll is closed! Prompt post will go up tomorrow morning when I get home after driving all night. :D
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ETA: Poll is closed! Prompt post going up as soon as I'm home in Baltimore tomorrow (probably 10am EST.

Poll #6686 Flashwork #6 poll
This poll is closed.
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 38

What would you like as the prompt for flashworks challenge #6?

View Answers

in the kitchen
9 (23.7%)

game night
6 (15.8%)

work and play
10 (26.3%)

1 (2.6%)

3 (7.9%)

9 (23.7%)

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See the five stories under the challenge: family tag. And now start thinking up new prompts; we're going to put up our flashwork challenge at the same time as [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw (starting Monday next week). Leave your prompt ideas in the comments, please! :D
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I'll be closing the Family challenge tonight before I go to bed, so around midnight EST. If you've got those fanworks, get them up there (and I know I'm going to try to write a little something before bed). Start thinking up prompts for the next one - it'll match up with the [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw fest, so let's make it a good one! :D
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Title: Blooming, Lovely
Creator: [personal profile] thingswithwings
Universe: Sarah Jane Adventures
Type of Work: fanfic
Contains: kids having secret crushes on adults they know
Summary/Notes: Just a little piece of Rani + Clyde sweetness that I wanted to write. Thanks to the "Family" challenge, I had that little push of motivation to actually get it done!

fic at my journal

(mods, may I have a tag for fandom: the sarah jane adventures, please?)
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Just a reminder that the Family Flashwork Challenge finishes on Monday 18th. So far we've got four works tagged as part of the challenge, so let's use the weekend to increase that number further (and please remember to tag your works for this challenge with the "challenge: family" tag, so that we know which works to include in the final round up)!


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