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Title: Official Bureau Response
Creator: [personal profile] dragonfly
Universe: White Collar
Type of work: Fanfic, missing scene from Point Blank
Contains: Lesbian character
Summary and/or notes: What happened after Diana 'cuffed Neal?

This is not a newly written story, so it doesn't seem right to claim it's for the current challenge, though it certainly takes place at work. I own no rights to anything related to White Collar.

Official Bureau Response
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Title: Rising
Creator: [personal profile] lunesque
Universe: No Rest for the Wicked
Type of Work: Fic
Pairing: November/Red
Summary: Red can be greedy, at times.
Contains: Minor character death but nothing explicit.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to Andrea L. Peterson. I promise to let them go back undamaged.
Author's Note: This was written for the Female Character Trope Fest. The prompt was No Rest for the Wicked, mirror!verse. This story is queer gen. Red and November are absolutely together in this universe, but that has no bearing on the story.

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Title: Code Error
Creator: [personal profile] ilthit
Universe: Red Dwarf
Type of work: Fic
Contains: Forcible gender re-assignment and robotic lack of free will.
Summary: Kryten has been classified as a woman and attempts to change his programming to reflect his classification.
Notes: Criticism welcome. I had no beta. I  meant to write a 'work and play' fic, but this happened instead.

The lights went out to signify lockdown. )
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Title: Blooming, Lovely
Creator: [personal profile] thingswithwings
Universe: Sarah Jane Adventures
Type of Work: fanfic
Contains: kids having secret crushes on adults they know
Summary/Notes: Just a little piece of Rani + Clyde sweetness that I wanted to write. Thanks to the "Family" challenge, I had that little push of motivation to actually get it done!

fic at my journal

(mods, may I have a tag for fandom: the sarah jane adventures, please?)
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Title: The Vampire Lestat Lied to Me (so did Edward Cullen)
Creator: [personal profile] netgirl_y2k
Universe: Being Human
Type of work: Fic
Contains: Strong language
Summary and/or notes: In which the vampires successfully recruit Detective Nancy, Annie helps her stay off blood with the cunning use of tea, and being a vampire is nothing like it is in the films. [Spoilers through the S3 finale]

The Vampire Lestat Lied to Me (so did Edward Cullen)
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Title: Proved by statistics
Creator: [personal profile] troublesteady
Universe: Discworld (Monstrous Regiment)
Type of work: Fic
Contains: War/military setting, background OCs, hints of a non-canon romantic pairing.
Notes: 1,660 words. Title from W. H. Auden's Shield of Achilles, which is just like Monstrous Regiment, except without silliness and crossdressing.

Proved by statistics
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Title: And They Lived
Creator: [personal profile] lemposoi
Universe: Strangers In Paradise
Type of work: Fiction
Contains: Some interaction between a couple, mentions of a background couple, fluff.
Summary and/or notes: I didn't have my copy of 'Ever After' with me when I wrote this, and it has been a while, so if I made any mistakes, let me know. I also didn't have a beta, so C, C and nitpicks are welcome.

And They Lived )
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Title: Her Brothers' Pride
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Cast: Penelo
Rating: G
Summary: Penelo always misses her brothers, but it hits her harder at some times than others.
Notes: Written for the [community profile] queerlygen Family Flashfic Challenge. According to the manual, Penelo's brothers taught her how to fight. Apparently I ran with that, to the point that I made up names for them.

Her Brothers' Pride
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Title: Part-Time
Creator:[personal profile] ilthit
Universe: The Green Hornet (2011)
Type of work: Fic
Contains: Cussing, talking about sex, sexually active teenager, violent thoughts, smoking, anti-gay sentiments, problematic father-son relationship.
Summary: Teenaged Britt has a fight with his father and a talk with the chauffeur.
Notes: For the Family flashfic challenge. ...I'm pretty sure this isn't what most people would write when they set out to write Green Hornet fic, but there you have it.

'There you are.' )
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Title: Perishing Transistor Radios
Creator: [personal profile] naraht
Universe: Hilda Tablet and Others, 1960s Music Scene RPF
Type of work: Fanfiction
Contains: Aging, Alcohol, Avant-Garde Music, Body Image Issues, Canon Lesbian Relationship, Classical Music, Conceptual Art, Drugs, Grown-Up Boy Sopranos, Humor, Platonic OT3, Pop Culture, Queer Themes, Swinging London, Yoko Ono's "Cut Piece"
Summary: Can Hilda Tablet handle the sixties? Can the sixties handle Hilda Tablet? Join our intrepid heroine as she journeys into the heart of Swinging London and teaches it a thing or two about the avant-garde. (With guest appearances by Kenny Everett, David Hemmings, Delia Derbyshire, Pattie Boyd, George Martin, Brian Epstein, John Lennon and more...)

Read on the AO3
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Title: The Laws in Sheppard's Country
Creator: [personal profile] velocitygrass
Universe: Stargate Atlantis
Type of work: Fiction
Contains: (skip) John and Rodney coming out to each other as not straight. Brief mentions of Rodney's past relationships with women and John's ex-wife. Friendship, but it could be read as having pre-slash overtones.
Summary: "Sheppard's government didn't manage to repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell."
Notes: [personal profile] cesare suggested that I post here, so I did :)

The Laws in Sheppard's Country
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Title: Still Pink (Shout It From The Rooftops)
Creator: [archiveofourown.org profile] theleaveswant
Universe: The Losers
Type of work: fic
Contains: scantily clad-ness and threatened violence
Summary and/or notes: Jensen celebrates the repeal of DADT. Sequel to Pink. Written for the "military" challenge here at Queerly Gen.

"It's dead! It's dead! Don't Ask, Don't Tell is dead!"
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Title: Men and Lads.
Author: Dusk Peterson.
Where to find me: Website, Dreamwidth blog, InsaneJournal mirror blog, LiveJournal mirror blog, duskpetersonbooks (e-mail list with announcements of my fiction).
Series: Life Prison, a historical fantasy series about male desire and determination in Victorian prisons. You don't need to have read the other stories in the series to understand this one, but this story does contain major spoilers for the first story in the series.
Categories: Original fiction. Male/male platonic feelings and male/male attraction. Friendship fiction, mentor fiction, prisoner fiction, race/ethnicity themes, spirituality themes. Plus, trains and tramps. Time: 1892.
Note: This is my 2010 holiday gift story. At my blog, I've posted an entry with links to maps, period illustrations, and notes on my research of this story. None of these are necessary to understand the story.
Contains:Spoilers below the cut ) Boilerplate warning for all my stories. Warnings for this series.
Length: 16,000 words.
Feedback: Yes, please.
Story summary: Two guards. Two prisoners. A multitude of problems.

He knew what his prisoner's expression would be before he saw it: a mixture of apprehension, wary hope, and the expression he had come to fear most of all – determination.

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Title: Binary
Creator: [personal profile] thene
Universe: TRON
Type of work: Drabble
Contains: One swearword, one potentially shippy femslash moment.
Summary and/or notes: Sam Flynn kept her name, even after changing everything else.

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Title: that lonesome sound
Creator: [personal profile] sabinetzin
Universe: Stargate Atlantis
Type of work: Fanfic, 775 words
Contains: Talk of kink, vague mentions of sex
Summary: There's a box labeled yes and a box labeled no.

that lonesome sound )


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